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Monday, April 19, 2010

My $20 Challenge

I bought a bundle of stuff this month, and, yes, I've saved a LOT but ,yes, I've spent a lot. So, after seeing some sales going on at Krogers and Target, I begged Norm to let me spend $20 (or less) on some deals. This is what I got!!

From Krogers... $10.42 (saved $46.63!!!) The veggies boxes, grill mate seasonings, and scotchbrite sponges were FREE!

From Publix... $2.20 got me 2 more boxes of oatmeal. (I rounded up a couple more $1 off coupons. I saved 5.88!!)
From Target... $4.03 (saved $12.10)for the Go-gurt, Vaseline lotions, and the free Midol PM. They didn't have any of the Pure & Nature bar soaps I was looking for... for free... they didn't even carry it. Oh well!


TOTAL SAVED... $64.61

CHALLENGE WON!!! Woooohoooo!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4-14-2010 My Publix Deals + a few others finds

This time I went to Vestavia's Publix. I'm not that impressed. We happened to be down there anyway, but it won't bother me a bit if I don't go back to that one. I do like the one in Huntsville (Bailey Cove area). LOTS of coupon tearpads there!!! Found some nice ones for future trips, too!!!!

I found some deals. I needed a little more this time (canned mushrooms and a few other things) but here is what I got...

Here's the $tats...

I found some great deals at Walmart in Oneonta, AL. They are remodeling and they have a LOT of stuff on clearance. I found some great toys and games for Christmas presents. Not posting pics... wouldn't want to give anything away!! :D

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Publix + Coupons = New Addiction!

I think I'm becoming an addict to Publix and their deals with coupons!!!

Here is the scoop on my latest trip. I went Wednesday and managed to score that penny bleach deal! :) Thanks to I scored a lot more!


So for $32.24, I got all this...

14 boxes of cereal (1.44-1.49 each)
12 boxes of BC potatoes (.20 each)
2 boxes of supreme brownies (.49 each)
11 boxes of Green Giant boxed frozen veggies (FREE!!!!)
2 Pam sprays (.94 each)
1 bleach (.01)
6 pk. Yoplait Fiber One Yogurts (.25 each)
2 2-liters 7-Up/A&W (.79/.80 each)
1 Midol (FREE+Overages)
1 Bayer (FREE+Overages)
1 Alka Seltzer (FREE+Overages)
1 Oncor steak patty box (forgot how much the coupon was for)

Gotta love it!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My first trip to Publix... Spent $122.93, SAVED $214.65!!

I've been learning how to extreme coupon. I hit Publix for the first time on March 31st. I went in with my printed list from Southern Savers and a huge pile in my coupon organizer. I racked up on a bunch of B1G1 deals and several other sales!!

This picture would tell more if I had taken everything out but after 3 hours in Publix, the trip home and bedtime lurking, I needed to get the cold stuff in the fridge and the rest put up, too.


And just for the fun of it... the full length of the receipt! I'm 5'6" and it was long than I am tall!

Off the top of my head I stocked up on Ronzoni pasta and Classico sauces. I got some Yoplait Greek yogurt (try free + 30c off coupon that got doubled!) Used the mystery penny item for that loaf of bread plus other loaves using those Kraft cheese/Oscar Mayer lunchmeat coupons ($2 off Publix bread).

I WAS SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!! The cashier, poor girl. It was her first day. Guess I broke her in good! The cashier next to her, the lady she was checking out and the bagger were stunned at the savings!! So was I!

I went back tonight to get a few more things before the sale went off (had to hunt up some coupons and hope another item was restocked. I also stocked up on Capri Suns while they were on sale. I spent around $21 and saved around $24. Can't complain!

Until next time!!!! Have a great Easter!!!!