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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh, Publix, how I missed you!! Saved 60%!!


I had some great coupons and lots of them! Some I had gathered over time hoping for the items to go on sale (Curly's BBQ Tubs!!!!) and they did!!!


Spent $116.67... Saved 177.07!!!! 60% savings! Without sales or coupons, it would have been 293.74, almost $300!! The pantry, fridge and freezer has been restocked. I had coupons for everything except the fresh corn (but it was on sale), the Louis Rich ground turkey, and Kraft singles. I had coupons that got me free shampoo, mac & cheese, Yo-plus and bleach. You can't beat yogurt for $.25 a 4pk or those Curly's BBQ tubs that ended up being $1.42 a tub instead of the regular price of $5.69. Even got a couple of packs of Goldfish crackers and pretzel for $.50 each. I also got Grands cheaper there than at Walmart! Gotta love that! Oh and $.30 total for 4 packets of Chinet Dinner Napkins!!!!! Don't forget the free mustard + a little overage. And we love those Betty Crocker boxed potatoes.

Here's the savings break down...
75.57 in vendor coupons
7.00 in store coupons
94.50 saved on sale prices


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MAIL CALL!! 6-8-10

I finally got around to checking the mail at the post office. I racked up on the samples and a nice surprise for my daughter, Emily.

Samples included Secret Clinical Strength, Gillette Fusion razor, Old Spice wash, Shirley J's Universal White Sauce, a Hugo men's cologne sample, several shampoo/conditioner samples and some femine stuff *smile*

Emily got that free Barbie prize that I registered her for WHO KNOWS when... JANUARY? She LOVED IT!!!! Had a FIT over it!!!!

OH yeah, I forgot about the Special K bar and the South Beach bar... they didn't last long enough for the picture! I also got coupons for the razor refills, free Tropicana OJ, and a free 4pk of Yo-Plus!! SCORE!!!